$10 contest at cash crew

If you like forum posting then you have an additional chance to earn $10 every day just by posting comments and threads in guest crew forum.

It is not a ptp (paid to post ) forum like others but the admin is giving a reward of $10 daily to one who have published most posts.   This contest is started from 1st of march 2014

gest crew

you can also earn extra $100 by promoting this contest.Just comment on this post and include the links where you have shared the post and you will enter in the contest.promote it on social media and share the links.it will increase your chances of winning.

for complete details visit this post http://www.guestcrew.com/blog/guest-crew-daily-cash-give-away-contest-earn/

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step by step guide to write a professional blog post

Blogging needs some skills otherwise your blog will remain down in search engines and you will not make regular readers.A blogger is quite different from a writer because he writes for humans as well as search engines.If you want that many people read your posts and your traffic increases, you will have to behave like a blogger not like a writer.just writing quality posts are not enough.you should learn some search engine optemization and implement it.You should also make your blog post interesting by adding some unique information and adding images and videos.So that you will make regular readers.

Follow the below steps to write an impressive blog post that is worth reading.

STEP 1:-

Search about your topic around internet and find some valuable information that need to be included in your post.Dont copy and paste that whole article because it will be considered as duplicate content by goolge.so gather these information and write it in your own words but keep it simple so that every one will understant what your have written.

STER 2:-

Do a keyword research and find some keywords with low competition and high search volume so that your post will rank better in serps with less effort and include these keywords in your posts.but don not use it many times because it put bad impression on search engines.

STEP 3:-

Optimize your post by applying some simple search engine optemization tips.Optimize your title and heading.also optimize your permalinks and add meta description and tags including your keywords.

STEP 4:-

Divide your posts to headings and subheadings.Your first paragraph should be impressive summarizing the post.In the end conclude the post and ask for comments.

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create a verified paypal account in unsupproted countries

Papal account is very important for online shopping and receiving online payments if you are offering your services online.

If you want to earn online then payment processors are must for you.you must create accounts with these online payment processers to receive your payments.If you have not these accounts you will not be able to withdraw your hardly earned money online.

If you want to know more about online payment procesor then click here.

One of the leading and widely used online payment processor is paypal.and you can say that paypal is the king of online payment processor.So if you want to earn online career a paypal account it is free and almost all the site uses it to pay its members for online work.

The problem is paypal is not supported in some countries.and these people face a lot of problem in working online and earning online.so here a guide how to create a paypal account in unsupported countries.

Create a verified paypal account in unsupported countries Pakistan etc.

If you want to create a verified paypal accont in unsuppoprted countries like pakistan etc there are many options.you can ask some abroad to do it for you and you can create a fake account and verify it through payoneer.

Payoneer is another online payment system and they also give you a master debet card.so you can easily withdraw your paypal earning from an atm machine.

To verify paypal with payoneer create a real payoneer account and a fake payapl account then verify your paypal account with payoneer because payoneer give you us payment service with which you can verify a paypal account.To read a step by step guide on how to create a verified paypal account in unsupported countries like pakistan etc read this tutorial.

after creating this account there is risk of being your account limited so use it wisely and donot keep large amount in it.withdraw money from your account as soon as you receive money into your paypal account.

Do not use proxies and always delete your browser cache,cookies and history after and before logging in to your paypal account.log in to your account only if needed.